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“After years of training with a YouTube Strategist and Remote Video Producer, I’ve developed the skills to take your YouTube channel from ordinary to extraordinary.”

~ Carla Sellers, CEO of the rVMedia Expert


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Outsource Your YouTube Channel to the rVMedia Expert


Without Breaking the Bank, the rVMedia expert team will strategize and implement:

– YouTube Management

– YouTube Analysis

– YouTube Auditing

– Thumbnail Creation

– Video Editing

3 Simple Steps to Make Your YouTube Channel Successful

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#1 Schedule a FREE

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#2  Hire the rVMedia Expert

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#3 Unwind and watch your

views and subscribers grow

Share the roadblocks that are getting in your way and your YouTube channel goals.

Eliminate the hassle and stress of staying on top of YouTube features and changes.

Say goodbye to the frustration of maintaining your struggling YouTube channel

Our Promise to You


#1 We’ll manage your channel, while you kick back and relax with the confidence that you’ve invested in the best solutions available.

#2 To uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions and decisions. Ensuring an atmosphere of trust and reliability.

#3 We’ll ensure every conversation and explanation leaves you feeling informed, empowered and in control.

#4  To deliver the best of both worlds – large agency results and a personal, small-business touch without the high costs.

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Before: “I was editing my videos myself. It was a huge time-suck for me because I wanted to get them as close to perfect as I could. It was eating away time from my family because I was working on the videos on the weekend, and if I tried to work on them during the week, it would suck time away from my clients.”

After: “Why did I wait so long to hire this out”?!!! The stress of knowing that I had to edit videos was immediately gone, and the time it would have sucked up was instantly back! I absolutely love knowing that I can record my videos or lessons, leave little “audio love notes” as I’m recording, and trust that everything will get edited and put together in a super polished video.”

Carrie Wulf

SOP, Business Operations Manager and Virtual Expert®, Wulfden Professional Solutions



Step up your business with our exciting YouTube services!

We’ll make sure your YouTube channel goes from being just okay to being an absolute powerhouse.

Don’t miss out on these essential ingredients for success.


The rVMedia Expert combines large agency results with

a personal, small-business touch.

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