We’re Brenda & Carla Sellers from the RV Media Expert.



Earlier we shared that the RV Media Expert is a video editing, social media marketing company specializing in helping RV Dealerships generate more sales leads. 

However, we forgot that we hadn’t formally met yet. So put another log on the campfire and we’ll tell you all about us.


Our journey

From There to Here

As a business based in Missouri, we’re blessed with scenic rivers, lakes, the Ozarks’ natural beauty, and CAMPING, CAMPING, CAMPING.

(As a matter of fact, we have over 40-years of camping experience and we feel like we’re just getting started.)

We enjoy kayaking, biking, hiking, and sitting around the campfire, soaking in all that nature has to offer.  

When we’re not camping, you can bet we’re planning our next trip.



And you know what’s even better?

We’ve combined our love of camping with our profession to bring you, “The RV MEDIA Expert.”

The RV Media Expert takes pride in offering RV Dealerships a “camper’s experience,” as well as expertise in video editing, YouTube, and social media strategy.

And we’ll work hard to help you place your customers in the RV of their dreams. All for the Love of Camping.

Be watching for our YouTube Channel,  Campfires and Memories,” to go LIVE very soon.

What WE Do…

It’s who we are

Now you know who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going.

We are super proud to serve you, as you serve your RV customers.

We’ll do our best to connect you with people in the market for an RV,  build a YouTube channel that converts viewers to buyers, and increase your social media following.

Oops, we almost forgot. Just in case you need to know where you can find us when we’re not in YouTube, social media land. . .

You guessed it…. we’re working from our RV, next to a lake or river… sitting around the campfire and loving life.

Why will we be great together?

You’ll find our:

    • adventures,
    • expertise in videos, YouTube and social media,
    • “we, are your next customer,” and
    • Love of camping

    sets us apart from the one-size-fits-all social media marketing managers.