Your summer plans are set in stone. Campfires and memories are waiting. You have your list of campgrounds or RV parks where you plan to stay, and the countdown has begun. You’ve decided to wait until you get there to find the perfect campsite.


More and more people are lovin’ the RV life, so it’s no wonder that campgrounds are filling to capacity at an unusually fast rate. Chances are most prime sites will already be taken when you arrive.

To make sure you have the perfect campsite when making reservations, it’s best to visit the campground beforehand.

Campsites come with a variety of options, from lake or riverside views to wooded trails, there’s something for everyone. Luckily for you, we have some tips on how to find that perfect site.

What to look for when selecting your perfect campsite:

The Activities in the Vicinity

• Campgrounds and RV parks are occasionally divided into different sections for family areas, socializing zones, or for those who like to kick up their heels. You can imagine the pain of being in the wrong section.

• The congestion or high traffic around the bathroom/showers, playground, swimming area, or boat launch could become a nuisance to the camper who wants to get away from it all.

• On the other hand, it’s just as important to be concerned about being an inconvenient distance away from these very same popular spots. Children crying all day to go to the playground on the others side of the campground can be upsetting for all. And taking that looooong walk to the bathroom…hmmm.

The Area Surrounding the Campsite

You’ve found what you think may be the perfect area and maybe even the perfect site. Take a look around. Are there low-hanging limbs that could damage your RV? What about the ease of maneuvering into the site? Are there obstructions such as trees, ditches, a post identifying the site, etc that will make putting your RV into that site difficult?

If so, is this perfect site worth the frustration you may have when parking or pulling away from this “perfect” campsite?

The Details at the Site Itself

Is the length of the site appropriate for the length of your RV? How about the amenities? If electric, water, and sewer are important to you, be sure to check to make sure it is a full hookup site. Is the amperage appropriate? Will the location of your RV slideouts, sewer, water, and electrical hookups fit well on this site? Will you have a good satellite signal or internet? Is there a nice shade?

And finally, but not least… will you be able to bring your fur babies?

While most campgrounds or RV parks allow for leashed pets, it’s best to call to verify before assuming you can bring your fur baby. Once you’ve determined it’s Ok to bring your Hollie, Sadie, and Brandi camping with you, make sure your perfect site(s) will have enough space for them to walk around and enjoy their camping trip too.

The activities in the vicinity, the area surrounding your potential campsite, and the details at the campsite itself all make a difference when selecting the perfect site, as well as how enjoyable or miserable you’ll be while camping.

If you’re not careful about these things before setting up camp, it can lead to an awful experience that leaves you packing your bags to go home early.

That’s why Brenda and I always keep these three considerations in mind when looking for our perfect campsites!

What are some other things you look for when choosing a spot? Let us know below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends who love camping as much as you do.