Taking your Video Projects From Fear to  Finished

The rVMedia Expert provides video editing and YouTube Management services for business professionals.

Our Passion? Making sure our clients feel comfortable creating videos and putting those videos out there to communicate their message to their people. 

You Create the Unedited Videos –

We’ll Do the Rest

Taking your Video Projects From Fear to  Finished

The rVMedia Expert provides video editing and YouTube Management services for business professionals.

Our Passion? Working with those who are camera-shy.

You Create the Videos – We’ll Do the Rest

Omitting videos could stop your business in its tracks.

Do you:

  • Put off creating videos?
  • Dread and  make excuses why you shouldn’t create videos?
  • Feel intimidated by the video process
  • Worry that competitor’s videos will destroy your business

Would your business profit from:

  • Video Courses
  • How-To Videos
  • Product demos
  • Video Presentations
  • Walk Through /Video Tours
  • YouTube videos, etc.
If so, your hesitance can lead up to a lot of unnecessary limitations and may have a serious impact on your business. 

At the rVMedia Expert, we believe being camera-shy should never hold back your business or your life.

We understand you may be nervous.
That’s ok!

Creating videos may be an important next step for your business; but, if the thought of getting in front of the camera causes your heart to race . . . know that you are not alone.

Nerves increase. Panic sets in. All you can think about is what’s going to happen once the record button has been pushed (if you can manage to get that far).


We Promise You a Pleasant Video
Experience When You Work With Us!

Woman sitting in front of a window, typing on a computer

Hard as it may seem, using videos for your business is an essential part of success in today’s competitive world.

That’s why we provide you with more than a video editing experience. We understand the challenges you face, and we’re here to support you.


Together, we can put those jitters behind you
and create video masterpieces.

Video Editing Businesses

Unfortunately, recording videos, editing, and putting it out there for the world to see can be a cold, cut &dry, get-it-done process with most video editors.


At the rVMedia Expert,
we work at your pace and support you through the difficult parts. 

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Introduction to Edie Clarke's Video Testimonial

The Fear to Finalized Plan

Schedule a Call

Use  our calendar  to schedule our Consultation and introduce yourself by completing the questionnaire.


Relax as we guide and
support you throughout the
video process. 


We’ll edit your videos. You 
embrace the results of your
hard work.

Carla Sellers, CEO of the rVMedia Expert

Hi, I’m Carla!

I’m a video editor and a YouTube manager who discovered that while videos are all but essential in today’s multimedia, digital world, they’re also usually one of the most avoided challenges in business.

Many hard-working business professionals just can’t fight back the video gremlins enough to make those videos happen, whatever the cost. 

That’s why I’m proud to offer the rVMedia Expert’s video editing services. My promise: To ensure guidance and sensitivity during your video creations.


Let’s talk about making the process
right for you. 

Videos with a purpose:

It can be tough to find the time to learn new software, record and edit videos on your own. Not to mention, video production can be expensive.


The rV Media Expert is here to help!  You record the videos — we’ll do everything else. We offer professional video editing services that are quick and affordable. We’ll work with you to ensure satisfaction and promote your business in a way that’s authentic and effective.

Product Demos
Staff Trainings
Client/New Hire Onboarding
Walk-Through /Tours
YouTube Videos

More Than
A Video Editor

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of videos do you edit?

How-To Videos, Presentations, Webinars, Product Demos, Video Courses, Staff Training Videos, New Hire- Client/Employee Onboarding Videos, Walk-Through Videos & Tours, Podcasts, and General YouTube Videos

What services do you offer?

We provide video editing, thumbnail design, lower thirds, text animation, multi-cam, b-roll, transitions, intros, outros, and light YouTube management as well as peace of mind and the courage to make your video dreams a reality.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out – if we can’t help you, we know someone who can!

What editing software do you use?

We use Camtasia for our video editing. 

Do you provide professional voiceovers?

No. Unfortunately, we do not provide professional voiceovers. Contact us though, we may have someone who can help you.

Can you create animation videos?

At this time we do not provide 2D or 3D animations. We also do not create whiteboard explainer videos.

Have other questions? Schedule a consult call today.

Carla is very proactive and professional.

All you have to do is let her know your goal, and she’ll come up with a plan to achieve it.”


Kathy Goughenour

Business Coach and Trainer, Expert VA Training

She quickly catches my clients’ voices and turns the raw material into binge-worthy videos and engaging social media posts. I am finally able to focus on creating strategies for my clients, and I can rest assured that my clients’ videos and social media profiles are well taken care of.

Thank you so much Carla, for giving me back my weekends. 😀


Julie Kristen Hardt

Owner/Founder, Spark to Sparkles

Why did I wait so long to hire this out!!!

Carla has over-delivered time and time again, and the value that she has provided for my business is priceless!

Carrie Wulf

SEO, Wulfden Professional Solutions

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